60 ML - $24.99

​Nic. Levels: 0,3,6,12 mg​​

Bond - There’s a saying in England: Where there is a fruity menthol mix, there is fire! Starfruit, Strawberry, and Kiwi with a cool blast of menthol.

Cena - We started with only bananas that won the heavy weight championship and super slammed them with the richest vanilla ice cream and waffle cone.

C. Underwood - Behind every great man there is a woman vaping this sweet pink watermelon candy with notes of razzmatazz.

Quinn - Sometimes to stay sane, the only way is to go crazy with this delicious raspberry cookie with hints of sugar and cream.

Jackman - This flavor doesn’t like to be caged, unleash this coffee cake with strawberries and whipped cream or it gets angry!

Bourne - This pineapple and strawberry slushy is so delicious the Federal Government is actually looking for it.