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Welcome to Puff Vapor!

We are a specialty retail store which offers electronic nicotine delivery systems, also called electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers, and a wide variety of liquids designed for use in those devices. We have options which range from discreet and reminiscent of traditional combustible cigarettes, to devices designed to produce large quantities of vapor. Our flavor options range from traditional tobaccos and menthols, to fruits, desserts, and even some beverages such as tea or coffee. Whether you are new to vaping or an advanced user, we hope you will find something here that you can enjoy!

It is our mission to provide a comfortable atmosphere wherein our customers will not feel judged nor looked down upon for their level of experience or knowledge. We recognize that there are so many ways to customize one's experience in vaping that for every individual there is an individual preference. Here at Puff Vapor we do our best to provide our customers with both quality products and quality service. 

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