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30 ml - reg: $12.00 / sale: $9.00

Back Then - A cool glass of iced, nostalgic buttered rum, both sweet and dark.

Berry Lemonade - A vibrant selection of berries and freshly squeezed lemons are sweetened to taste.  This tart and sweet berry lemonade E-Liquid is often a year round favorite, and certainly a summer staple. 

Butter Pie - A buttery pie crust with a touch of cinnamon mated with crisp green apple and topped with creamy peanut butter.Butter Pie - A buttery pie crust with a touch of cinnamon mated with crisp green apple and topped with creamy peanut butter.

Chubby Bunny - A pleasing strawberry marshmallow mixture that is a sweet, plush, and sugary flavor.

Colonel Custard - Our exquisite vanilla custard e-liquid, Colonel Custard, includes every delicious aspect about the wonderfully luxurious dessert.  Layers of smooth, rich, and subtly sweet custard tinged with intoxicating traces of vanilla.  

Cotton Dandy - Stir up memories of sunny days at the state fair with Cotton Dandy - a freshly spun cloud of deliciously tart, dissolve in your mouth, blue raspberry cotton candy.

Daydream - Daydream is inspired by our favorite summer frozen treat. A dreamy dollop of refreshing orange citrus swirled with velvety vanilla ice cream and a scoop of nostalgia. 

Fruity Dragon - Fruity Dragon by Jvapes is a luscious dragon fruit E-Liquid.  A light pairing of select tropical fruits enhance the naturally subtle flavor.  This version of dragon fruit E-Liquid captures its delicate nature and provides a delicious and balanced exotic vape.

Guavatron - Our guava e-liquid condenses the abundantly exotic flavor of this remarkable fruit into a charming e-liquid.  The unique taste of this tropical fruit is sometimes described as a pleasant mashup of pear and strawberry perhaps with a bit of kiwi; but each of those fall short of a true representation of this marvelous guava e-liquid. 

Jude - Jude by Jvapes is a delicious concoction of vibrant kiwi and ripe berries.  Our kiwi berry e-liquid is contrived primarily of darker berries and brightened to taste with a touch of the exotic.  

Mi Amour - The classic pineapple upside down cake that you can have whenever you like.

Midnight Joyride - Midnight Joyride is a rich tobacco e-liquid infusion of toasted nut with creamy coconut undertones.  

Passion - This papaya and grapefruit flavor is juicy and distinct, while being both sweet and tart without being overpowering.

Pursuit of Happiness - Our RY4 tobacco e-liquid recreation embodies the captivating essence of vanilla paired with luxurious caramel undertones and the vivid aromatics of premium tobacco leaves. 

Red Chee - Our lychee E-Liquid is distinctly bold and exotic.  Capturing the essence of a juicy texture comparable to a grape, and the sweet tones that intertwine with an underlying source of fragrance that is best described as a captivating bouquet.

Ridin' Nerdy -  Ridin’ Nerdy E-Liquid packs a powerful punch of candied flavor that is popular with avid sweet-tooth enthusiasts. 

Snow Globe - Snow Globe is a winter holiday inspired peppermint dessert e-liquid that gained such a following that we decided to keep it in our Signature Line.  

Sweet and Tart - Sweet and Tart E-Liquid is akin to some of our favorite candies.  If you love candy, or combinations of sweet and tart this e-liquid will not disappoint.  An amusing fruit mashup to entice the senses

Triple Apple - What happens when you deliberately concentrate the essence of several varieties of apples?  Triple Apple E-Liquid of course!  If you love our Apple E-Liquid and want an even bigger apple bite, Triple Apple does the trick.

Wow - A true grape flavor reminiscent of fruit laden vineyards in late summer, WOW is simply a clean, pure grape taste.  

Yellow Sub - Can't tell you what's in it, but we can say that it has been described as a psychedelic fruit blend.

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