Not recommended for use with Sub-Ohm Atomizers and/or devices.

Big Bottle Co. - $19.99 / 30 ml / 25 or 50 mg

Blueberry Cake - Fluffy cake with bursts of tart blueberry 

Cinnamon Cream - Fluffy cream swirled with cinnamon sugar.

Electric Lemonade - A tall glass of tangy blue raspberry lemonade

Good Ol' Custard - Vanilla custard with a touch of cinnamon sugar and nut.

Jelly Donut - Glazed fresh from the oven, loaded with raspberry jelly, topped with sweet icing and sprinkles.

Pink Lemonade - Pink Lemonade mixed with berries

Strawberry Milk - Nostalgia in a bottle: sweet strawberry with creamy milk

Summer Drink - Blackberry peach lemonade

Carnival Apple - A tart, juicy apple dipped in sweet, gooey caramel


Patch’s – Watermelon Raspberry Gummy Rings


Wildberry Limeade – Fresh & Fruity Wild Berry Limeade

High Limit : $16.99 / 30ml / 25 or 50mg


777 – sweet strawberry wafers layered with marshmallow cream

Diamonds – succulent raspberry champagne with sweet cream

Gold Bars – vanilla ice cream with swirls of rich chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel


High Roller – delicate flakey pastry filled with banana Bavarian cream


Jackpot – sweet strawberry taffy with a touch of tart gummies

JVapes LL.png
Hometown Hero Salted - $19.99 / 30 ml/ 30 or 50 mg

Ambrosia -  has a melon inhale with a berry exhale and citrus notes throughout. Everyone who has tried this flavor has told us they have never tried anything like it. It’s sweet melon with a sharp citrus backing give it a flavor that is unlike any ejuice on the market.

Angel Tears - If you like fruit flavors, Angel Tears will definitely quench any craving you have. It’s refreshing watermelon inhale and rich, sweet berry coconut exhale. This was the first flavor we ever released and has been #1 for a very long time.

Angel’s Breath -  is notorious for being vaped by people who claim to hate menthol, and then make this their all day vape. This flavor has a refreshing cool watermelon inhale with a soothing berry and coconut exhale. Some of our customers have told us that this flavor reminds them of cotton candy or like watermelon chill gum.

Red Dream -  has a warm and salty kettle corn inhale with a sweet strawberry and cream finish. This flavor sounds weird but everyone who tries it falls in love on the first puff. There is a reason Red Dream is one of our best sellers.

Witch Doctor - This sweet yet rich flavor has the perfect blend of chocolate and tobacco that is rich enough for a full flavor yet sweet enough to be an all-day vape.


Mad Hatter I Love Salts - $16.99 / 30 ml / 25 or 50 mg

Blue Raspberry - as sweet and tart as you would expect
Grappleberry - a tongue-tickling combination of Grape, apple, and blueberry
Island Squeeze - a classic strawberry kiwi flavor with a twist of guava
Juicy Apples - all the mouthwatering sweetness of ripe apples
Spearmint Gum - a refreshing blast of spearmint that lasts puff after puff
Tropic Mango - mango, pineapple, and coconut - about as tropic as it gets!
JVapes LL.png

JVapes Nic Salt Liquid

$16.99 / 30 ml / 25 or 50mg


Batter Up: An enchanting cake batter e-liquid created using a rich combination with sweet cream and vanilla

Butter Pie: Why not liven up a freshly baked apple pie in all of its flaky, gooey, sumptuous glory with a dollop of peanut butter?

Colonel Custard:  Layers of smooth, rich, and subtly sweet custard tinged with intoxicating traces of vanilla

Fruity Dragon: A light pairing of select tropical fruits enhance the naturally subtle flavor. Prominent notes are Dragon Fruit and Blackberry

Golden Flakes: A scoop of sugar coated golden grains and a splash of cold, creamy whole milk.

Midnight Joyride: Deep complex notes of chocolate and hazelnut rounded out with a dash of coconut, this tobacco flavor vapes like a dessert!

Pursuit of Happiness: With rich vanilla caramel and a creamy finish, this tobacco flavor appeals to the sweet-tooth

Strawnana: Fresh, ripe strawberries and bananas come together in this delightfully smooth and sweet flavor

Sweet and Tart: If you love candy, or combinations of sweet and tart this e-liquid will not disappoint.  An amusing fruit mashup to entice the senses.


Lazer Wolf Salted - $16.99 / 30ml / 30 or 50 mg

Neon -  Candy peach rings frozen to perfection.

Turbo -  A decadent top shelf strawberry margarita.

Ultra - Hot sticky buns covered in vanilla ice cream.

naked100 LL.png

Naked 100 Salt - $16.99 / 30ml / 35 or 50 mg

American Patriots : A bold, rich, classic-cut American tobacco - no muss, no fuss, just classic bold taste

Berry (Very Cool) - Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and a blast of cooling menthol

Cuban Blend : A medium bodied and aromatic blend of Caribbean tobaccos, this flavor combines that smoothness with the aromatics of the finest Cuban cigars. 

Euro Gold - This combination of tobacco and honey has earthy and sweet notes in one flavor

Hawaiian POG - The islands beckon with this absolutely tasty e juice blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava.

Lava Flow - Strawberry Pineapple and Coconut with a smooth and dreamy finish

Really Berry - The best of berries make their presence known in Naked 100 Very Berry, this fruity blend of sweet blueberries, juicy blackberries, and just a hint of zesty lemon to round it off in a uniquely tasty way.

Strawberry Pom  - Brain Freeze by Naked 100 is refreshing on a whole new level, featuring perfectly ripe Strawberries and crisp Kiwi, backed with subtle yet complex Ruby Red Pomegranate essence, all served ice cold.

Red's - $16.99 / 30ml / 30 or 50mg

Reds_Apple_Salt_eJuice_ Logo.jpg

All flavors also availabe on ICE!


Fruit Mix : A tropical smoothie of Orange, Pineapple and Passionfruit with a light apple base

Mango : A stand-out Mango with a light apple base

Original : All Apple. All day.

Peach : Soft and succulent Peach with a light apple base

Strawberry : Fresh strawberry with a light apple base

Twist - $14.99 each or $24.99 for the two-pack
30ml / 35 or 50 mg
Green No. 1 : Sweet honeydew with a splash of cantaloupe

Mint 0 : a refreshing blast of mint boosted with menthol

Pink No. 1 : a seamless blend of fruit punch and lemonade

Pink 0 : fruit punch lemonade on ice

Purple No. 1 : a sweet and tart berry medley lemonade