CBD and Delta 8 Products

Hometown Hero

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Each pre-filled 1ml cartridge contains 800mg of Delta 8 THC. Available in 6 varieties - $30 each - Also available as a disposable device for $35 each

Mango: Sativa with natural terpenes and a splash of Mango flavor
Green: Sativa with natural terpenes
Red: Sativa-dominant hybrid with natural terpenes
Purple: Indica with natural terpenes
White: Indica-dominant hybrid with natural terpenes
Strawberry: Indica-dominant hybrid with natural terpenes and a splash of Strawberry flavor

Available in 5 fruity flavors, these 25mg gummies pack a punch - $32 for a one-flavor 10-pack jar, or $75 for the Party Pack jar

Green Apple
Pink Lemonade

Party Pack: contains 6 of each of the five flavors

MAX: 10 count of grape flavored gummies with MAX concentration:
100mg per gummy! - $50 per pack

Crispy Treats
Each package contains one large crispy treat, lightly scored into 4 pieces

Rainbow Squares : 200mg per package - $20
Cinna Crunch Squares : 400mg per package - $30

Select Spectrum:
These gummies are a blend of cannabinoids. Each contains 10mg of CBD, 10mg of Delta-9 THC (within the allowed .3% by weight threshold), along with other naturally occurring compounds derived from hemp. Available in 3 delectable fruit flavors - $40 per pack


Honeyroot Wellness 

1 gram pre-filled cartridges available in six varieties for $30 each
Also available as a disposable device for $35 each

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Pineapple Kush - hybrid, earthy, citrus, relaxed

Gelato - hybrid, nighttime, calm, relaxed

Zkittles - social, relaxed, social, hybrid

Forbidden Fruit - nighttime, euphoric, relaxed, sleep

Honey Kush - indica, nighttime, calm, relaxed

Wedding Cake - tangy, earthy, sweet, relaxed