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Hemp Products

3 Tall Pines

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Introducing one of Wisconsin’s premier hemp farmers, processors, and manufacturers. 3 Tall Pines is out of Plymouth, WI.

Availabe as a 1 gram cartridge for $30 or a 1 gram disposable device for $35 :


Jack's Dream

Agent D


Space Cookies

Cheap Sunglasses


Blood Moon

Stardawg Guava


Craft Chocolate Bars (500mg D8 per bar) $30 each

Chunky Cherry Crunch – creamy white chocolate with dried cherries and buttery pretzel bits
Seven Layer Bar – milk chocolate with graham cracker, coconut, walnuts, and butterscotch chips
Sweet Honey Macadamia – sweet milk chocolate with honey and roasted macadamia nuts
Truffle Bar – 70% dark chocolate and 30% bittersweet chocolate with ancho chile, raspberries, and blood orange


Strawberry CBD - 50mg of CBD per gummy in a 10-pack for $30

Fruit Punch D8 - 50mg of D8 per gummy in a 10-pack for $30

Grab-and-go Singles

Caramel Bites - craft soft caramels 50mg D8 for $5 each

Peek-A-Boo Chews - Michigan Peach - 250mg D8 per fruit chew for $10 each

CBD Topicals and Tinctures:
2 oz. jars of CBD topical balms, each containing 1,500mg of CBD for $30

Joint Freedom - cayenne infused avocado oil, beeswax, CBD, vitamin E, Peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove bud

Menthol Muscle Rub - avocado oil, coconut oil, beeswax, menthol crystals, magnesium, vitamin E, CBD, camphor, eucalyptus

Blueberry Kush Tincture - 30ml bottle of CBD tincture containing 1500mg CBD for $40

Hemp Flower and Concentrates

THCv/D8 infused Hemp Flower

availabe in 3.5 oz. jars for $30 each

or a 5-pack of 1.25 inch pre-rolls for $25/pack

Koko Puffs - sativa strain that includes CBG as well as THCv and D8

Waffle OG - hybrid strain that includes CBG and CBN as well as THCv and D8

Strawberry Shortcake - indica strain that includes CBG and CBN as well as THCv and D8

2 gram dishes of Distillate - $35 each

Agent D - Sativa

Cheap Sunglasses - Hybrid

Stardawg Guava - Indica

Hometown Hero
Delta 8

Delta 8 Group Pic 10-29-22.jpg

Cartridges and Disposables:
1 gram cartridges for $30 each, or 1 gram disposable devices for $35 each

Mango: Sativa with natural terpenes and a splash of Mango flavor
Green: Sativa with natural terpenes
Red: Sativa-dominant hybrid with natural terpenes
Purple: Indica with natural terpenes
White: Indica-dominant hybrid with natural terpenes
Strawberry: Indica-dominant hybrid with natural terpenes and a splash of Strawberry flavor


Party Pack: 30 count of 25mg gummies! - $75 per pack
Includes 6 of each of the following flavors:

Green Apple
Pink Lemonade

MAX: 10 count of gummies with MAX concentration:
100mg per gummy! - $50 per pack
Available in the following flavors:
Green Apple

Crispy Treats
Each package contains one large crispy treat, lightly scored into 4 pieces

Rainbow Squares : 200mg per package - $20
Cinna Crunch Squares : 400mg per package - $30

Sour Belts
Blueberry Burst : 10-pack of 300mg sour belt candies
containing a
blend of D8/D9/D10/THCv/THCP
- $75

HHC group pic 10-29-22.jpg
2 gram Cartridges - $40
Sensi Star - indica
Strawberry Cough - sativa

2 gram Disposables - $42
Bubblegum - indica
Jack Herer - sativa

Gummies - 10pk of 50mg gummies - $32
Bubblegum strain, Strawberry flavor - indica
Jack Herer strain, Blue Razz flavor - sativa

Honeyroot Wellness 

Delta 8

1 gram pre-filled cartridges available in six varieties for $30 each
Also available as a disposable device for $35 each


1 gram carts.jpg

Pineapple Kush - hybrid, earthy, citrus, relaxed

Gelato - hybrid, nighttime, calm, relaxed

Zkittles - social, relaxed, hybrid

Forbidden Fruit - nighttime, euphoric, relaxed, sleep

Honey Kush - indica, nighttime, calm, relaxed

Wedding Cake - tangy, earthy, sweet, relaxed


Edibles: Grab-and-go Singles

Popping Candy - 100mg D8 per pouch - $5/each

Available flavors: Blue Raspberry and Tropical

Gummies - 35mg D9 per gummy - $5/each

Available flavors: Prickly Pear and Watermelon Apple


HHC Group pic.jpg
2 gram Disposables - $42
Strawberry Cough - sativa
Green Crack - sativa
Blue Dream - hybrid

2 gram Cartridges - $40

Super Silver Haze - sativa

OG Kush - hybrid

Grand Daddy Purp - indica

1 gram Disposables - $32
Sour Diesel - sativa
OG Kush - hybrid
Granddaddy Purple - indica

Leaf Buddi Cartridge Batteries

The Leaf Buddi Max II 
The Max II is a pen-style battery with four voltage settings, a micro USB charge port, and a 350 mAh battery capacity. It has a slim diameter (about the same as most pre-filled cartridges).
~ $7.99 +tax
Leaf Buddi Max II USB Battery.jpg
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