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Big Bottle Co. - $25.95 / 120 ml / 3 or 6 mg

Blueberry Cake - Grandma’s secret recipe has gotten out, and we’ve harnessed that decadent goodness to create Blueberry Cake. It’s a fluffy cake with bursts of tart blueberry and the crumble topping that only grandmothers can pull off.

Cinnamon Cream - Fluffy cream swirled with cinnamon sugar. The perfect treat to satisfy your nagging sweet tooth.

Electric Lemonade - A tall glass of tangy blue raspberry lemonade with just enough charge to make you want to party all night.

Good Ol' Custard - There’s a reason vanilla custard is an absolute staple… It just tastes so dang good. Good Ol’ Custard is the perfect bowl full of creamy vanilla custard with a touch of cinnamon sugar and nut. We won’t tell anyone that you went through 120 mL’s in two days.

Jelly Donut - Glazed fresh from the oven, loaded with raspberry jelly, topped with sweet icing and sprinkles.

Pink Lemonade - A fruity, tart glass of Pink Lemonade mixed with berries and freshly squeezed lemon that will make you book your next beach getaway.

Strawberry Milk - As kids, we were told milk built strong bones… but we refused to drink it unless it was pink. Strawberry Milk is nostalgia in a bottle: sweet strawberry with that milky flavor you can only get in a tall glass at mom’s kitchen table.

Summer Drink - Grab your shades, throw on some sunscreen, and work on that base tan. Summer Drink is a blackberry peach lemonade that will have you longing for 95 degree weather and some poolside lounging.

Carnival Apple - A tart, juicy apple dipped in sweet, gooey caramel


Patch’s – Watermelon Raspberry Gummy Rings


Wildberry Limeade – Fresh & Fruity Wild Berry Limeade

small Cloud Nurdz Logo.png
Cloud Nurdz - $24.99 / 100ml / 3 or 6mg
Aloe Mango

Grape Apple

Grape Strawberry

Kiwi Melon (cantaloupe)

Peach Blue Raspberry

Sour Watermelon Strawberry

Strawberry Lemon

Strawberry Mango

Watermelon Apple
High Limit

$16.99 each – 60ml’s in 0mg / 3mg / 6mg / 12mg freebase

and 30ml’s in 25mg / 50mg salt


777 – sweet strawberry wafers layered with marshmallow cream

Diamonds – succulent raspberry champagne with sweet cream

Gold Bars – vanilla ice cream with swirls of rich chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel


Jackpot – sweet strawberry taffy with a touch of tart gummies

JVapes LL.png
$16.99 / 60ml / 0-12 mg

Churro - A sweet cinnamon sugar treat with a fried pastry finish

Colonel Custard - Our exquisite vanilla custard e-liquid, Colonel Custard, includes every delicious aspect about the wonderfully luxurious dessert.  Layers of smooth, rich, and subtly sweet custard tinged with intoxicating traces of vanilla.  

Cotton Dandy - Stir up memories of sunny days at the state fair with Cotton Dandy - a freshly spun cloud of deliciously tart, dissolve in your mouth, blue raspberry cotton candy.

Fruity Dragon - Fruity Dragon by Jvapes is a luscious dragon fruit E-Liquid.  A light pairing of select tropical fruits enhance the naturally subtle flavor.  This version of dragon fruit E-Liquid captures its delicate nature and provides a delicious and balanced exotic vape.

Golden Flakes - A scoop of sugar coated golden grains and a splash of cold, creamy whole milk.

JV 334 : bright strawberry blended with sweet pineapple

JV 337 : a perfectly balanced duo of tart raspberry and smooth peach

JV 342 : an icy and perfectly balanced duo of tart raspberry and smooth peach

Krazy Kane - Sweet-but-not-too-sweet, peppermint good for all year round

Midnight Joyride - Midnight Joyride is a rich tobacco e-liquid infusion of toasted nut with creamy coconut undertones.


Minthol: A sweet spearmint with a blast of added cooling

PB & J - Savory peanut butter with a combo of strawberry and grape jelly

Pursuit of Happiness - Our RY4 tobacco e-liquid recreation embodies the captivating essence of vanilla paired with luxurious caramel undertones and the vivid aromatics of premium tobacco leaves. 

Ridin' Nerdy -  Ridin’ Nerdy E-Liquid packs a powerful punch of candied flavor that is popular with avid sweet-tooth enthusiasts.

Strawnana - Lucious strawberry blended with creamy banana

Sweet and Tart - Sweet and Tart E-Liquid is akin to some of our favorite candies.  If you love candy, or combinations of sweet and tart this e-liquid will not disappoint.  An amusing fruit mashup to entice the senses

Triple Apple - What happens when you deliberately concentrate the essence of several varieties of apples?  Triple Apple E-Liquid of course!  If you love our Apple E-Liquid and want an even bigger apple bite, Triple Apple does the trick.

Unflavored - No flavors, tobacco or otherwise.

Wow - A true grape flavor reminiscent of fruit laden vineyards in late summer, WOW is simply a clean, pure grape taste.  

Mister E-Liquid -  $12.99 / 30 ml / 0-12 mg (18mg available for Tobacco, Menthol, and unflavored options only)

American Red - a classic American style tobacco

Grey Matter - a light and smooth tobacco

Menthol - no frills, just icy cold menthol

RY4 - cavendish tobacco with a sweet streak

Vista 21 - a bold and spicy Turkish blend of tobacco

Naked 100 - $19.99 / 60 ml / 0-12 mg

American Patriots : A bold, rich, classic-cut American tobacco - no muss, no fuss, just classic bold taste

Berry (Very Cool) - Really Berry gives up the lemon for raspberry and a faint hint of menthol for a completely unique chilled out mix that will take the edge off summer heat or give a vacation from the winter blues. No matter where or when you are? This flavor makes it easy to really chill out.

Crisp Menthol - The perfect pure menthol flavor that's sure to sooth your palate.

Cuban Blend : A medium bodied and aromatic blend of Caribbean tobaccos, this flavor combines that smoothness with the aromatics of the finest Cuban cigars. 

Euro Gold - This combination of tobacco and honey has earthy and sweet notes in one flavor

Hawaiian POG - The islands beckon with this absolutely tasty e juice blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava.  Naked Hawaiian Pog promises to transport you directly to the Big Island with big taste!

Lava Flow - Lava Flow by Naked 100 provides an escape to that tropical island on your screens background within two puffs. This delicious tropical flavor combination of fresh strawberries, with coconut, and pineapple intoxicate the senses and seduce the taste buds. Naked 100 E-Liquid is not responsible for any limbo dancing that ensues, or the desire to run your toes through sand.

Melon (Polar Breeze) - Polar Breeze by Naked 100 is the perfect tropical refreshment, taking sweet and tart Pineapple, rich Cantaloupe, and smooth Honeydew slices, blending them into an ultra satisfying fruity frozen concoction

Really Berry - The best of berries make their presence known in Naked 100 Very Berry, this fruity blend of sweet blueberries, juicy blackberries, and just a hint of zesty lemon to round it off in a uniquely tasty way.

Strawberry Pom  - Brain Freeze by Naked 100 is refreshing on a whole new level, featuring perfectly ripe Strawberries and crisp Kiwi, backed with subtle yet complex Ruby Red Pomegranate essence, all served ice cold.

$24.99 each – 120ml’s in 3mg / 6mg / 12mg


America – tropical rocket popsicle
Blue Frost – classic blue raspberry slushie

Cool Blue Frost – classic blue raspberry slushie with cooling menthol

Cookie Butter – oatmeal cookies dipped in milk and topped with brown sugar

Illuminati – a bright and sweet mix of blood orange, pineapple, and strawberry

Juicy Grape – a stand-out grape flavor without any distractions

Sour Apple – good ol’ granny smith apples

Strawberries A La Mode – strawberry shortcake ice cream

Sad Boy E-Liquid
100 ml bottles : 3mg / 6mg for $24.99

Blueberry Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie paired with blueberry jam and a creamy milk note

Butter Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie with a light lemon zest

Custard Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie topped with rich and smooth custard cream

Key Lime Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie with smooth cream and a key lime zing

Shamrock Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie dipped in a sweet minty milkshake

Unicorn Tears : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie frosted with bright and tangy fruit frosting


Twist E-Liquid - 2-pack  60ml's / $24.99 / 3mg or 6mg

OR 1 60ml / $14.99

Banana Amber : Oatmeal cream pie with Banana Cream

Blend No. 1 : Fruit punch blended with tropical fruits

Frosted Amber : Sugar cookies with creamy vanilla frosting

Green No. 1 : Sweet and mellow honeydew with a bit of cantaloupe splashed in

Pink No. 1 : Fruit punch blended with tangy lemonade

Pink 0° : Fruit punch blended with tangy lemonade and cooling menthol

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