Candy Flavors

Doctor Big Vapes : 120ml for $24.95

Carnival Apple : Tart and juicy apple dunked in fresh gooey caramel

Patch's : Raspberry gummy rings fresh out of the bag~

JVapes : 60ml for $16.99

Cotton Dandy : Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

Ridin' Nerdy : A grape and blueberry blend that tastes just like a handful of nerds candy

Sweet &Tart : A bright and tangy pomegranate flavor that tastes like chewy sweet tarts fresh out of the bag

Lazer Wolf : 100ml for $24.99

Neon : Frozen peach rings gummies

Twist : 120ml for $24.99

Rainbow No. 1 : Sweet and fruity taffy candy with a twist of sour

Dessert Flavors

Big Bottle Co. : 120ml for $24.95

Blueberry Cake : Blueberry cake with vanilla frosting

Cinnamon Cream : Light cinnamon flavor with smooth cream 

Good Ol' Custard : Vanilla custard with a faint hint of nut and cinnamon notes

Jelly Donut : Raspberry filled jelly doughnut with just a dusting of sugar.

Torch : Honey, Milk, and Graham. Simply perfect!

Firebrand : 60 ml for $16.99

Lux: a dreamy and tangy Key Lime Pie

Carnivale: rich and luxurious vanilla ice cream topped with crunchy berry cereal

Hometown Hero : 100ml for $24.99

Red Dream : Strawberries and cream drizzled over kettle corn

Cruncy : A Puffed rice and marshmallow treat - like mom used to make.

JVapes : 60ml for $16.99

Colonel Custard : Vanilla custard without any frills

Leviathan : 60ml for $19.99

Depths : Decadent vanilla caramel custard

Lazer Wolf : 100ml for $24.99

Ultra : Sticky buns ice cream like a Cinnabon in a cone in a vape.

Mama's E-Liquid : 60 ml for $19.99

Apple Pie : Just like Mama makes it. Deliciously handcrafted e-liquid with Fuji apple filling, and Mama's signature secret crust.

Blackberry Cheesecake : Made with Mama's special recipe! Tart and sweet with a swirled blackberry puree and tasty graham cracker crust.

Coconut Cream Pie : Coconut Cream Pie, with whipped cream and shaved almonds.

Key Lime Pie : A signature American dessert made from cool and tangy key limes, whipped cream, and Mama's love.

Nana Nut Swirl : Banana nut bread fresh out of the oven, just like Mama used to make. Banana nut bread with a hazelnut cinnamon swirl.

Twist E-Liquid: 2-pack of 60ml's for $24.99, or one for $14.99

Banana Amber : Oatmeal cream pie with banana cream

Frosted Amber : Freshly baked sugar cookies with creamy vanilla frosting

Drink Flavors

Big Bottle Co. : 120ml for $24.95

Strawberry Milk : Just like the name says without that frustrating bunny

Electric Lemonade : Blue raspberry lemonade

Pink Lemonade : The Name says it all

Summer Drink : Peach and blackberry lemonade, like an Arnold Palmer without alcohol

Doctor Big Vapes : 120ml for $24.95

Wildeberry Limeade : Mix of fresh wild berries and tart sweet limeade bring you summer all year round

JVapes : 60ml for $16.99

Wow : Bright and sweet grape soda that'll make you say "Wow!"

Lazer Wolf : 60ml for $19.99 or 100ml for $24.99

Turbo : Strawberry margarita without the watery slush at the end

Twist E-Liquid: 2-pack of 60ml's for $24.99, or one for $14.99

Blend No. 1 : Fruit punch blended with tropical fruits

Pink No. 1 : Fruit punch blended with tangy lemonade

Fruit Flavors

Big Bottle Co. : 120ml for $24.95

Electric Lemonade : Blue raspberry lemonade

Pink Lemonade : The name says it all

Summer Drink : Peach and blackberry lemonade. Like an Arnold Palmer without the alcohol

Cloud Nurdz : 100ml for $24.99

Grape Apple

Grape Strawberry

Kiwi Melon: (Specifically cantaloupe melon)

Peach Blue Raspberry

Strawberry Lemon

Watermelon Apple

Firebrand : 60ml for $16.99

Bottle Rocket: a sweet blend of blue raspberry, lemon/lime, and cherry that mimics a classic summer treat

Hometown Hero : 100ml for $24.99

Ambrosia : Honeydew melon berries and citrus, summer time has arrived!

Angel Tears : Watermelon, berries, and coconut. Darn near watermelon bubblegum but different

Angel's Breath : Angel Tears with a frosty edge.

JVapes : 60ml for $16.99

Fruity Dragon : The smoother exotic cousin of the kiwi in every puff

Triple Apple : Granny Smith, golden delicious, and red delicious come together to make a delightfully balanced apple vape

Yellow Sub : They won't tell us anything beyond it's a "psychedelic fruit blend"

Leviathan : 60ml for $19.99

Abyss : Pineapple, fresh off the grill and sweet as can be

Fathom : Tart strawberry and rich mango - a tropical delight!

MEL by Mister E-Liquid: 30ml for $12.99

Heartbreaker: Watermelon, cantaloupe, pomegranate, and nectarine

Major Jade: Watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, and coconut

Perfect Peach: a sweet and tangy blend of peach and cranberry

Vendetta Blue: blue raspberry with a touch of peach

Naked 100 : 60ml for $19.99

Hawaiian POG : Slam it down like you were back in the 90's. Passion fruit, orange, and guava make for a most excellent adventure

Lava Flow : Bright and tart strawberry, pineapple, and coconut

Really Berry : Blueberry, blackberry, lemon, and not a single note is lost. You will not be disappointed

Twist E-Liquid: 2-pack of 60ml's for $24.99, or one for $14.99

Green No. 1 : Sweet and mellow honeydew melon with a bit of cantaloupe splashed in

Menthol and Mint Flavors

Firebrand : 60ml for $16.99

Snow Cat: Double the peppermint and bursting with flavor!

Penguin Corps 99: A fresh and crisp wintergreen

Hometown Hero : 100ml for $24.99

Angel's Breath : Watermelon, berries, and coconut chill out with a menthol hit

JVapes : 60ml for $16.99

Minthol: : Like the green striped spearmint disks, but with a blast of ice cold menthol

Snow Globe : Peppermint pie without the holiday ten blues

Lazer Wolf : 60ml for $19.99 or 100ml for $24.99

Neon : Frozen peach rings that will not be denied

MEL by Mister E-Liquid : 30ml for $12.99

Menthol: Menthol, plain and simple. Mix it with a favorite juice or vape it straight up

Naked 100 : 60ml for $19.99

Strawberry Pom : Slushies are notorious for them and this blend of strawberry, kiwi, and pomegranate will keep you coming back until the tank is dry

Melon : Honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple and menthol make a creamy cold melon mix that is eminently refreshing.

Berry : Really Berry's blackberry and blueberry but instead of lemon you get raspberry and menthol. The change makes this flavor both pleasantly cold and tart like berries straight out of the fridge.

Twist E-Liquid: 2-pack of 60ml's for $24.99, or one for $14.99

Pink 0° : Fruit punch blended with tart lemonade and cooling menthol

Tobacco Flavors

Firebrand: 60 ml for $16.99

Tobacco Gold: a bold classic American tobacco

Tobacco Royale: a rich hazelnut tobacco

Hometown Hero : 60ml for $14.99

Witch Doctor : Sweet Virginia leaf tobacco, mellow on the inhale smokey on the exhale and good at all points in between

JVapes : 60ml for $16.99

Midnight Joyride : Roasted nut, coconut, and tobacco make a distinctly smokey sweet nut and coconut blend that needs to be tried to be understood 

Pursuit of Happiness : A very sweet RY4 style tobacco blending vanilla, caramel, and tobacco into a mellow and luxurious flavor without the unpleasant room note afterwards

MEL by Mister E-Liquid : 30ml for $12.99

American Blend: a classic bold American style tobacco

Grey Matter: a light and smooth tobacco

RY4: a cavendish tobacco with a sweet streak

Naked 100 : 60ml for $19.99

Euro Gold : This combination of tobacco and honey has earthy and sweet notes in one flavor