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We will be Closed Thursday, July 4th for the Holiday.
Happy Independence Day!

Latest Arrivals!

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GEEK'D Extracts
0.5g THCA Cartridges ($20) – high potency, discreet size

-    Hash Hunter (Tropicana Cookies – sativa)
-    Rosin Rabbit (Pineapple Express – sativa)
-    Daffy Dabs (Jelly Rancher – sativa)
-    Wax Wabbit (Key Lime Pie – hybrid)
-    Nugs Bunny (Blue Dream – hybrid)
-    Yosemite Slam (Berry Rntz – hybrid)
-    Fudd Budder (Berry Gelato – indica)
-    Shatter Shot (Fire OG – indica)
-    Kief Cottontail (Rainbow Belts – indica)
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Freebase: 100ml bottles available in 3 or 6mg for $24.99
Salt Nic: 30ml bottles available in 28 or 48mg for $19.99


Blueberry Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie paired with blueberry jam and a creamy milk note

Butter Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie with a light lemon zest

Custard Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie topped with rich and smooth custard cream

Key Lime Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie with smooth cream and a key lime zing

Shamrock Cookie : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie dipped in a sweet minty milkshake

Unicorn Tears : rich, buttery, and sweet cookie frosted with bright and tangy fruit frosting

XROS 3 Mini.jpg

XROS 3 Mini

The XROS 3 Mini is the successor to a crowd-favorite series of devices. It has a 1000 mAh battery that will last the whole day for most users, and a powerful new style of refillable pods that work with all previous versions of the device. The XROS 3 Mini can also work with any previous style of XROS pods!
These pods hold 2ml of liquid at a time, and can be easily refilled without removing the magnetic pod from the battery of the device. - $22.99 +tax 

XROS 3 Nano

The slightly smaller cousin of the XROS 3 Mini, this device boasts the same 1000 mAh worth of vaping power in a more compact form. Utilizing the new 0.6 ohm mesh coil pods in the XROS series, this kit also includes one of the 0.8 ohm mesh coil pods, and an optional chain lanyard that clips to the device for hands-free on the go vaping.  Like all other editions in the XROS series, the XROS 3 Nano can use all previous styles of top-fill 2ml capacity pods, and features an adjustable airflow slider to customize your hit until it is just right! - $32.99 +tax

Aegis B60 Kit

The Boost is back! - The successor to the original Boost kit, the B60 is bigger and badder, while only increasing the size a bit. Compatible with all of Geekvape's B series coils, this kit is versatile. It features a huge 2,000 mAh battery, a 5ml capacity pod which fills from the top, and a physical lock switch to make it easier to pop in a pocket or bag. It comes with one each of two different styles of coil, a 0.6 ohm coil rated for use at lower wattages (15-25) and a 0.2 ohm coil for those who want a bigger lungfull of vapor (50-58 watts). Looking for something in-between? Try the 0.4 ohm (25-35 watts) coils available separately. - $44.99 +tax

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